Advantages of Online Dating for Asians

Fear of rejection is a problem that has plagued many people in dating, especially for many Asians. It is natural, as everyone gets rejected, but for many Asians, it is simply unacceptable.   Asians generally have a strong sense to never lose “face” when doing anything.  Being rejected in a relationship is one of the worst humiliations for some. Some Asian men are so scared of rejection and have intimacy issues that even if a date is going well, they tend to push the emotions and feelings away. In this way, it is a defense mechanism in that just in case the date does not work out there will be no feeling of rejection or loss of face. The truth is, to overcome shyness is not that easy, and it is not within the scope of this article to discuss that topic. However, there are many avenues to circumvent that problem, and many people might not realize that online dating is one of the most effective techniques to overcome this. 

In online dating, people can specify certain information in online dating that will narrow down specifically what traits and personalities people want to be matched up with. In this way, the chances of failure and rejection are much smaller. For one thing, online dating is no longer frowned upon.  Its unquestionable popularity amongst the various demographics of people leads the way to its eventual acceptance as an alternative to dating and relationships.  This is partly due to the fact that Asians, many of whom are young professionals, often maintain a hectic working schedule.  Sometimes there isn’t much time to actually go out and explore the dating scene, and even less time to actually try and find a good date. Fear of rejection and shyness all play into this, and in the end, traditional avenues of meeting and dating have simply become ineffective and unrealistic.  Dating online enables people to easily, effectively, and actively search for their ideal person and then facilitate opportunities to meet. 

A lot of fears can be negated this way, because you can find out everything you need to know about a person without actually physically being there. This way, when you finally meet someone who has many of the traits and qualities you desire and vice versa, the actual meeting will have much less tension, and the fear of rejection is lessened significantly. Obviously, being able to look for dates at the comfort of your own home is another significant advantage. 

However, actually meeting up with a person, even after many online interactions and knowing many facts about each other, is still intimidating. A big key to overcome this is to just not think about it too much. Over-analysis of a situation is disadvantageous in dating. Dating is a game, but it is based on instincts, spontaneity, and feel - not cold logic and rationality. Also, always try to relax and not take dating so seriously; this is not to say for anyone not to be serious in a relationship, but Asians in general have a bad tendency to take everything too seriously and stress out. This in turn causes nervousness, shyness, and the eventual fear of rejection that is discussed in this article. It is all about the approach and attitude, and do not be afraid to have some light-hearted fun during a date.

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